With nearly a decade of college teaching experience, I’ve acquired the skills and tools to teach a range of topics in adult sex education. In addition to teaching college classes, I’ve presented my research at regional, national, and international conferences. I’ve been an invited speaker at universities in India and Estonia.

Making information about gender, sex, and culture accessible is a major passion of mine. I pride myself on using a variety of teaching strategies so that people with different learning styles can all tune into the material and walk away with new knowledge, concepts, or skills. I am happy to collaborate with individuals and groups to help tailor my presentation style to your needs.

Part of my mission in providing shame-free sex education involves my teaching style. I will never talk down to people who want to learn about sex education, and I will never make you feel stupid for asking a question. I will be honest with you when I don’t know the answer to a question, and I will do the research to make sure I give you the most accurate information. Read on to learn about the kinds of workshops I offer, and feel free to ask for something you don’t see on here.

Sex Ed with Dr. Jeana | Workshops

For Universities

With the recent Title IX investigations happening at universities nationwide, it’s more important than ever for higher education institutions to be working with sex educators to provide accurate information about sexual assault to their students and staff. There are multiple ways to address consent on college campuses, from welcome-week workshops for incoming students on consent and basic relationship navigation skills, to special trainings on sexual assault prevention and bystander intervention.

Additionally, sex is a perennially popular topic with students. I am available for lectures and workshops on health topics like STIs and risk, as well as pleasure topics like dating, relationships, and intimacy. In my capacity as a scholar of culture I can also teach about the multifaceted interactions of sex, gender, and culture, such as giving a lecture on sex in fairy tales or the mainstreaming of alternative sexualities such as LGBTQ folks and practitioners of non-monogamy and BDSM/kink. Some universities have had a great response to events like Sex Week, while others have hired sex educators to design recurring programming or be on staff for a few hours a week.

In California, for example, the entire state has adopted “Yes Means Yes” language for all colleges and universities. Additionally, the Cal State University system has created a plan to appoint advocates for survivors of sexual assault on all of its campuses. These out-of-state examples demonstrate a proactive approach to sexual assault, an approach that other states and schools therein should consider modeling. Contact me to set up a consulting session today.

For Medical and Mental Health Professionals

Medical and mental health professionals in all fields come into contact with people of alternative sexualities on a regular basis, whether or not it’s apparent at the time. In order to provide the best healthcare services possible, it’s ideal for professionals in these fields to have some knowledge of the populations they serve.

Would you know what to do if a patient or client showed up:

  • With bruises that they claim were obtained in a consensual setting?
  • Saying that they’re ethically non-monogamous or poly?
  • Wearing a collar that does not come off?

I am available to speak to groups and individuals about LGBTQ identities and practices; non-monogamy (swinging, open relationships, polyamory); and kink / BDSM (sadism and masochism, dominance and submission, bondage and discipline). Other special topics include transgender and transsexual issues, the leather community, and subcultures like Burning Man.

For Individuals and Groups

Whether you’re happily married, single, or anything in between, brushing up on your communication skills is always a good idea. I offer workshops aimed at the general public on topics like relationship communication and sex tips, as well as workshops offered at specific groups such as couples wanting to spice things up, or get a handle on the communication skills that help in exploring non-monogamy.

I’m also available for private parties such as bachelorette parties or other spaces that are meant to generate comfortable (sex-free, no touching) dialogue and learning about sex, sexuality, and relationship topics.

For Sex Geeks

Are you endlessly curious about sex, gender, and relationships? If you identify as a sex geek or a sex-positive professional, you’re invited to local Sex Geekdom meet-ups! These gatherings are meant to facilitate conversations about any aspect of sex and sexuality in a sex-positive, comfortable (no one’s there to pick up a sex partner!) zone.

Additionally, I’m available to teach specialty classes on advanced topics like poly and kink, the history of sexuality in different cultures, or adventures with sex toys.

Upcoming Events

Here are some upcoming events featuring Dr. Jeana. This space will be continually updated. If you are interested in attending, or if you are interested in hosting a similar event, please contact her here.