About Dr. Jeana

About Dr. Jeana | Sex Ed with Dr. JeanaDr. Jeana Jorgensen is a passionate and knowledgeable sex educator, scholar, and writer. With an academic background in folklore and gender studies, and nearly a decade of college classroom experience, she brings a unique perspective to the sex ed world.

From her academic training, Dr. Jeana brings teaching strategies, research skills, and a zest for cultural context and narrative patterns to the table. Her approach to sex education is also influenced by her personal life and international travels. Born in southern California to hippie parents, Dr. Jeana did her undergraduate education at UC Berkeley and her graduate work at Indiana University. She has lived in Estonia, done academic work in India, and traveled all over Europe. Based on these experiences of cultural contact and on her own quest for happiness amidst a mix of contradictory messages about gender and sex, Dr. Jeana arrived at the importance of listening and educating without judgment, fear, or shame.

Her areas of focus include relationship communication, non-monogamy (such as polyamory, swinging, and open relationships), kink / BDSM, gender identity, storytelling and sexual identity, anxiety, cultural and media patterns, and body image / shame. See a list of her recent media appearances here.

Dr. Jeana is a Professional Member of AASECT (the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists).