Dr. Jeana Jorgensen publishes her research on gender and sexuality in peer-reviewed academic journals, but also makes a point of making her ideas accessible to the public in easily digestible blog posts. She was a featured blogger at MySexProfessor.com for four years, and all of her posts can still be read there.

Currently, Dr. Jeana is blogging about gender, sexuality, and relationship topics here on doctorjeana.com; on more general folklore, culture, and dance topics at Foxy Folklorist on Patheos.com; and on sex and relationship topics at YourTango.com. She is working on a book on sex in fairy tales.

Dr. Jeana is available for media and guest blogging appearances. Please contact her for her rates and availability.

Writing | Sex Ed. with Dr. Jeana
Photo by James E. Moriarty

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Academic Articles

Understanding the Body in Fairy Tales” (co-authored with Scott Weingart). At OUPblog.

The Black and the White Bride: Dualism, Gender, and Bodies in European Fairy Tales.” At Journal of History and Cultures.

Dancing the Numinous: Sacred and Spiritual Techniques of Contemporary American Belly Dancers.” At Journal of Ethnology and Folkloristics.