Lady Business Vending Machines

What if we had women’s self-care kits available in vending machines in public restrooms? The Lady Business Self-Care Kit explores this idea, with smart packaging designed to be unobtrusive yet snappy.

These kits would go beyond period supplies, into safer-sex supplies, pregnancy test kits, STI test kits, UTI relief kits, and more. This project is just in the design phase, but I would love to see where it might go if it took off.

Women’s sexual and physical needs remain stigmatized in a lot of cultures, to the point where needing to get a menstrual pad can be embarrassing. I wish we had more open conversation around women’s bodies, and accessibility to the kinds of medicine and supplies that would make our experiences of our bodies more pleasant and sex-positive. Even if this concept remains a thought experiment, I think having this kind of conversation is a step in the right direction!

3 thoughts on “Lady Business Vending Machines

  1. Yes! I think that would be a great idea. I’m so sick of the stigmas placed upon women as if our sexuality and God-given “situations” are something to be ashamed or embarrassed about. It’s quite sad. It will be nice to see how this plays out. Plus as frequently as we use these products I don’t see why it wouldn’t be a good thing, it should have been considered long ago.

    1. My guess is that if there were a way to monetize it, it’d happen faster. So either there’s no money in it, or the stigma/shame is SO immense that even money-hungry corporations aren’t getting on board with it! I hate to sound so cynical but, well, our culture is so sex-negative that this seems to be a pattern.

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